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HuskeeSwap information for business and venues

What is HuskeeSwap?

HuskeeSwap is our cup exchange system designed to assist cafes and businesses in making reusables as convenient as a single-use takeaway cup service.

Do customers need to download the HuskeeSwap app to use the HuskeeSwap system?


What if a customer brings back a damaged cup or lid?

Set it aside and get in touch with the Swap team to organise a collection and replacement!

Do I need to give the customer back the same HuskeeCup (colour/size) that they checked in?


What if a customer wants to keep their own lid?

We encourage both Cup&Lid to be swapped.

How many cups do I need to start?

To get started as a HuskeeSwap site, you will need to carry a 'float' of HuskeeCups to swap with customer cups, as well as HuskeeCups available for your customers to buy.

What is the cost to set up HuskeeSwap for a Business?

Can HuskeeRenew be swapped in HuskeeSwap?

No, not at the moment.

How can I set up my business to use the HuskeeSwap App?

Getting set up is easy, as there's no hardware needed to offer these features.

Why should my cafe join HuskeeSwap?

There are so many reasons!

How is a HuskeeSwap location listed?

After successfully registering for HuskeeSwap, the next steps are:

What is the RRP for HuskeeCups?

While Huskee can't dictate how much you sell HuskeeCups for, they are meant to be an affordable and mid-range priced cup within the market to increase affordability and accessibility. While a premium product, their price-point should be less than oth

How does HuskeeSwap Loyalty work?

LOYALTY is a new feature for use with the HuskeeSwap App that helps to incentivise Reuse. Here are some great benefits of using the LOYALTY feature for your business:. To turn on Loyalty, all you need to do is log into your HuskeeSwap portal, enable