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Do I need to give the customer back the same HuskeeCup (colour/size) that they checked in?Updated 7 months ago

The HuskeeSwap system is designed with the advantage of a universal lid, and customers being able to Swap for any size and/or colour available in your cafe float. 

Just like with single-use cups, customers simply get a HuskeeCup that suits the beverage size they order. There also needs to be a degree of flexibility with colours (charcoal or natural) as cafes are not in control of what colours are swapped in.

Of course, this is limited by what size(s) and colours you have available in your float. 

If a customer specifically requests the same colour or size back, it will be up to your discretion to supply. You can also treat their cup as a standard BYO cup in these scenarios, and simply wash it for them if you have time and capacity.

If you only want to supply or Swap a certain colour or size to customers, please be aware that the system is not designed for this, and indicate to your customers any specific rules you are imposing on the system.

If you have any questions about Swaps, please reach out to [email protected].

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