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Can HuskeeRenew be swapped in HuskeeSwap?Updated 7 months ago

No, it is designed for the HuskeeCup only.

The HuskeeSwap program and network is meant to be scalable, standardised and available at multiple venues.

Importantly, a customer using HuskeeRenew at your cafe will very likely not be able to Swap it for a similar cup at another location, creating confusion.
Due to the price differences between cup materials, we also do not recommend that HuskeeRenew is used for the HuskeeSwap program. 

HuskeeRenew and HuskeeSteel can still be sold by businesses as a great cup for customers, and are brandable. 
This further supports and amplifies your reuse goals
However, they are not eligible for Swapping in our HuskeeSwap program, and best suited as a favourite BYO option.

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