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What is the RRP for HuskeeCups?Updated 4 months ago

While Huskee can't dictate how much you sell HuskeeCups for, they are meant to be an affordable and mid-range priced cup within the market to increase affordability and accessibility. While a premium product, their price-point should be less than other common premium cup material options such as glass, pottery or stainless steel options, like HuskeeSteel.

Here are things we believe you should consider when setting your pricing:

  • Pricing is set to already give you great wholesale margins as a business (35-45%)
  • HuskeeCups are used in the HuskeeSwap network. We try to standardise RRP so that you are creating a collaborative reuse network, not a competitive one
  • Huskee does sell direct to customers (but we prefer they buy from and support you)

The simplest way to find RRP for the HuskeeCups in your region:

  1. Go to the Huskee website - without logging into your wholesale account.
  2. Acting as a B2C customer, find the cup and lid combo you are interested in to see our RRP
  3. Set your pricing to match ours (and get great margins)

You also have access to RRP information in your HuskeeSwap Toolkit.

As an example, here is our current recommended RRP for individual cups and lids in AU (2024):

  • 6 oz  - $18.00
  • 8 oz  - $20.00
  • 12 oz - $22.00
  • 16 oz - $24.00
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