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What if a customer wants to keep their own lid?Updated 7 months ago

While in order to maintain good health and safety standards, we recommend that both cup and lid are swapped in each interaction between a customer and a HuskeeSwap cafe, there is often no food safety regulation requiring this. 

In fact, one of the discovered outcomes of COVID restrictions (and people's commitment to eliminating single-use) was the development of the 'contactless pour', where customers do keep their lid. This may be a habit or preference of some of your customers.

Check out this interesting video on here.

It is up to you how you want to best approach Swapping with your customers. Here are some things to consider:
  • Keeping cups and lids together ensures they are subject to 'wearing' equally
  • Having customers hang on to lids may introduce unnecessary added variation and complexity to your workflow
  • It is always good to check your local health regulations for any specific policies on the use of reusable containers

For further information on how to clean your HuskeeCup and Lids click here.

photo credit: @loaf.ly_


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