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What is the cost to set up HuskeeSwap for a Business?Updated 2 months ago

HuskeeSwap is designed to help many sectors eliminate single-use cups from their service effectively and elegantly. 

We created a system designed for businesses and cafes to be an appealing and simple (better) experience for the customer to consider over disposable takeaway.
Some of the big cost benefits of HuskeeSwap are:
  • A purchase model that adds an additional revenue stream
  • Enables significant savings on disposable packaging

It's FREE to join HuskeeSwap, with no ongoing costs. Setup costs are minimal.

As we work with many sectors and the system is tailored to your needs, the costs are different depending on who you are, and what you want to achieve. 

  • HuskeeSwap Starter Packs (minimum setup recommendation) start at $166 (AU)
  • Prices are dependent on your cup quantity and size choices
  • As a purchase model, ROI is within 1-2 months on average
  • To find out more, go to the Cafe / Restaurant page

These activations are known as Partnerships, as we like to support your effort and behaviour change along the way. 

Our system is tailored to your needs to achieve an activation and meet your goals or targets. Prices depend on the scope of what you are looking to achieve, timeframes, and how you choose to reduce the barriers for your businesses, your staff, your students, and your community. 

Some key decisions that you make that affect pricing are:
  • The scope of your project
  • The duration of your activation
  • Activation activities and any subsidies you provide to encourage and support uptake
  • Launch support

We support you along the way. Importantly, most of your funding is not going to buy a large stock of cups, but rather reducing barriers and encouraging uptake of reuse. 

To learn more, visit the HuskeeSwap page, select the sector you are from, and fill in the enquiry form. 

Our team will then reach out to arrange the next steps and a scoping meeting, to provide you the tools to help you cost up and pitch your project. 

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