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How does HuskeeSwap Loyalty work?Updated 4 months ago

LOYALTY is a new feature for use with the HuskeeSwap App that helps to incentivise Reuse. 

Here are some great benefits of using the LOYALTY feature for your business:

  • You can introduce a digital paperless rewards system (and even get rid of the paper ones you might be using) and your customers collect 'Stamps'.
  • Double-benefit: When a customer uses the system, you are rewarding them for using a reusable cup (and saving on packaging at the same time)...not just for purchasing another drink 
  • Each time a scans to use LOYALTY, they are also recording their Impact, for you and them. Another fun new feature of the App.
  • You can also allow BYO customers to Scan using the App - any reuse is amazing we think. 

To turn on Loyalty, all you need to do is log into your HuskeeSwap portal, enable it, and set your number of stamps.

In future iterations, Huskee plans to add additional incentives and benefits to the LOYALTY system, so keep an eye out. 

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