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Huskee information about sustainability inquiries

Is HuskeeCup recyclable?

Not through standard recycling streams, we however do recycle them ourselves!

Is HuskeeCup BPA free?


Is HuskeeCup reusable?


What is the environmental measure of using HuskeeCups over other materials?

Over the lifecycle of a cup, the environmental benefits increase when reused.

Is HuskeeRenew recyclable?


Why do we use Tritan co-polyesters in our products?

Due to its extreme durability and clarity.

What else are Tritan plastics used in - I am still unsure?

Over 600 other products, including medical equipment and infant products.

Does Tritan Renew 50 contain post-consumer plastic?


What does End-of-Life Cups refer to?

Our end of life programme, HuskeeLoop.

Are there any hazardous materials or chemicals in the composition of HuskeeCup?


PFAS testing for Huskee Products

Keep on reading more detailed information.

Why do Huskee Products contain plastic?

Reuse is the key!

How do I dispose of a HuskeeCup at the end of its life?

Drop it off at a HuskeeSwap site!

Where are HuskeeCups made/manufactured?

We often get questions about where we manufacture our cups and why we do not manufacture our products locally to be more sustainable. HuskeeCups are manufactured in a facility based in China which is located within close proximity to rural southwest