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PFAS testing for Huskee ProductsUpdated 8 months ago

About 10,000 highly persistent chemicals are classified as PFAS (perfluorinated and polyfluorinated alkyl substances). PFAS are global pollutants that threaten both human and animal health due to their high persistence and mobility. They are natural chemicals that do not exist in nature and because they do not degrade in the environment and can move through the soil, they are called "forever chemicals."
The inclusion (intentional or unintentional) of PFAS chemicals in products and packaging is a growing concern worldwide. For packaging, while this mainly involves fiber-based food-contact disposable packaging (eg. bagasse coffee cups and lids), you might want assurance that it isn't present in Huskee products. In many countries, testing is becoming more and more necessary, and in Australia, the Australian Packaging Covenant Convention (APCO) has provided guidelines for testing and phase-out here, and Huskee has taken proactive measures about this.
To ensure all our products meet global food safety regulations, we regularly conduct independent testing by recognised laboratories and with this, we can confirm that there is no detectable PFAS in any components of either our HuskeeCup or HuskeeRenew ranges.
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