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Why do Huskee Products contain plastic?Updated 8 months ago

Plastic plays an important role in our world due to its lightweight, durability, flexibility and longevity properties. It is in many of the products and services we value. As a company, Huskee is not opposed to conscientious plastic use. There are many benefits of plastic in modern society.
What we are strongly opposed to, however, are single-use plastics. Plastic should ideally never be used for single use. The impacts are high and significant.
Huskee is committed to never using single-use plastic - it is literally part of our mission statement to 'design out waste'. In addition, Huskee uses materials as efficiently as possible in order to minimise both the amount used, and wasted. As a design company, we are focused on this issue first and foremost, which is why you will find recycled content in all of our products; whether that's waste coffee husk, recycled plastic, or even recycled stainless steel.
We have also committed to circular economy and helping close the loop, through HuskeeLoop. This is true circular economy in practice. So while our products do contain plastic, we ensure that at their end-of-life, our HuskeeCups have an opportunity to be recycled into useful new products and hopefully never end up in landfill or in our oceans.
Design is our passion and we consider all aspects of our product lifecycle and our impact. We take that commitment seriously, which is one of the reasons we are proudly a certified B-Corp company. Importantly, this is an independent assessment of our sustainability practices, so you don't just have to take our word for it.
Check out our B-Corp certification here.
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