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Where are HuskeeCups made/manufactured?Updated 6 months ago

We often get questions about where we manufacture our cups and why we do not manufacture our products locally to be more sustainable. 

HuskeeCups are manufactured in a facility based in China which is located within close proximity to rural southwest China where we source our coffee husk. Here are Huskee's sustainability considerations for this:

  1. An internal LCA conducted in 2020 by Edge Environment identified that the biggest emissions savings that could be actioned was locating the husk source and manufacture as close as possible. This significantly reduces emissions costs of transporting many tonnes of husk. We source husk from coffee farms in China, and this is something we have now completed.
  2. With worldwide distribution at over 2,000 retailers and wholesalers, manufacture in China allows us the biggest efficiencies in transport miles, costs, and emissions savings.
  3. We continue to explore localised manufacturing opportunities in other regions on a case by case basis for viability, favourable policy, and improved sustainability outcomes

Operational sustainability is comprised of a lot of complex factors and considerations, not only if something is local. 
To understand the full scope of considerations, a recent study was conducted by the Dutch sustainability consultancy PHI Factory, in which we participated. You can read our blog summary on their study here: What is the most sustainable reusable coffee cup.

As a B-Corp Certified company since 2021, Huskee takes our transparency and commitment to constantly improving sustainability seriously.

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