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HuskeeCups and MicroplasticsUpdated 6 days ago


NO (unless your cup is reaching its end-of-life).

Huskee make great efforts to be transparent, but you might be here because you were not aware that HuskeeCups contain plastic. If you are interested in understanding why, here is an FAQ on that subject. 

Your main concern might be micro-plastics and any health implications. We are concerned about this too, and make every effort to reduce any risks associated with using plastics in our products. 

We want to make sure that your reusable option is better for the planet, and better for you, which we discuss in detail in this blog article. Microplastics are hard to avoid. The single-use products you are currently served in may be exposing you to microplastics, and most of the microplastics you are ingesting are coming from other sources.

With reusables, all reusable products have an end of life, including ceramic, steel and other materials and can potentially pose a risk as they wear. It is important to know, and be able to identify, when they are reaching their end-of-life. 

Here are some ways we, and you, can ensure that HuskeeCups do not unintentionally pose a health risk:

  • HuskeeCups are rigourously tested to global Food Grade standards to ensure they don't pose a risk to humans
  • As HuskeeCups wear out over time, here is an FAQ on the stages of wear for a HuskeeCup to keep an eye on
  • Make sure to Swap and return end-of-life cups through the HuskeeLoop program

While Huskee do believe that there is a place for plastics in food applications (but not single-use), there are some people to want to avoid plastics where at all possible. If you (or your customer) is in this category, here are some other solutions besides the HuskeeCup to consider:

  • We now have the HuskeeSteel range, which may better suit your needs
  • If you have another preferred BYO/reusable cup - use that; the best reusable is the one that is used.

Huskee believe in choice, and transparency, in solving problems.

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