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What colours is HuskeeCup available in?

Natural and Charcoal

Is HuskeeCup dishwasher friendly?


Is HuskeeCup microwave safe?


What are HuskeeCup's Dimensions?

See the below chart for all HuskeeCup sizes.

What's the best way to clean and care for HuskeeCups?

What other food and drink can I use my HuskeeCup for?

Get creative!

Does HuskeeCup fit in my car cupholder?

Yes, mostly.

Does HuskeeCup affect flavour?


HuskeeCups and Microplastics

NO (unless your cup is reaching its end-of-life). Huskee make great efforts to be transparent, but you might be here because you were not aware that HuskeeCups contain plastic. If you are interested in understanding why, here is an FAQ on that subjec