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How do I know a HuskeeCup has reached end-of-life (EOL)?Updated 2 months ago

HuskeeCups generally live a long & full life. But like everything, they do wear out over time. When this happens, we encourage you not to use an old, degraded cup and ensure that you replace it. 

One of the best parts about owning a HuskeeCup is the potential for 'infinite ownership'. What this means is that if you have a HuskeeSwap site near you, you can Swap your cups out and always have a 'new' cup. If you don't have a site near you, why not encourage your fave cafe to join here?

By Swapping your cup, it ensures you are not using a degraded cup that has reached its end of life and also that the cup gets a new life through HuskeeLoop

Check out the attached guide on what to look for when assessing an end of life cup. 

HuskeeLoop EOL Cups.pdf104.8KB

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