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HuskeeLoop Programme


Huskee Dog Bowl

FAQ's on Huskee's first Huskeeloop product, the Huskee dog bowl

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What is the HuskeeLoop Program?

HuskeeLoop is our cup's end-of-life program.

How do I dispose of my HuskeeCup?

Through our HuskeeLoop program!

Are there any other products that will be made with 100% HuskeeCups?


How do I send end-of-life cups back for recycling?

By filling in our End-Of-Life Submission Form.

How do I know a HuskeeCup has reached end-of-life (EOL)?

HuskeeCups generally live a long & full life. But like everything, they do wear out over time. When this happens, we encourage you not to use an old, degraded cup and ensure that you replace it. One of the best parts about owning a HuskeeCup is the p