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Is HuskeeCup recyclable?Updated 2 months ago

NO. But we do something even better! 

It is important to know from the outset that no reusable cups are reliably kerbside or municipal recyclable (whether that is ceramic, glass, plastic or steel), despite claims you might see. This is due to lack of infrastructure to reliably separate the containers, often mixed materials issues, and lack of viable markets for these materials.This is not a great outcome we know, and what you really want to know is what happens to a cup at it's end of life.

Huskee is actively contributing to the circular economy and we want to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible. As part of this, we ensure that our products have a viable end-of-life pathway. In fact, we are one of the only reuse companies in the world explicitly taking responsibility for what we put into the market, and have developed our own product-stewardship scheme HuskeeLoop.

Better than recycling, the HuskeeLoop program ensures we can take any HuskeeCup back at its end of life (EOL). Through extensive R&D development we have been able to create a method to repurpose EOL cups into new products...without any virgin material added! Check out our first product in 2023 - the Huskee DogBowl.

Returning cups to Huskee couldn't be any easier in practice. Through our network of over 1,100 HuskeeSwap sites which act as collection sites, a customer can simply Swap their EOL cup for a new one, and the venues can return them to us for free*. The HuskeeLoop system is available to all of our larger clients as well such as corporates, councils and universities.

Using materials as long as possible and keeping them in circulation through creation of new products is our commitment to the planet. As with our core products, Huskee is all about Reuse.

*HuskeeSwap sites as part of their free membership to the program can return up to 20 cups/year to Huskee at no cost. Further returns are assessed by the HuskeeLoop team to apply any eligible credits for replacement.

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