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Do customers need to download the HuskeeSwap app to use the HuskeeSwap system?Updated 2 months ago

No, as this is a purchase model, there are no apps required for a customer to Swap. 

The customer simply hands you their cup when they order and receives their coffee in a cleaned cup from atop your coffee machine. Simple 1:1 exchange. 

However, your customers can opt-In any time to use many of the great features that support reuse behaviour. All they need to do is download the free App and create a profile. 
All you need to enable them is to display your unique QR code (located in your HuskeeSwap portal). 

A reminder of some of the great features on the HuskeeSwap App:
  • STORE - keep your cup at the cafe for next time
  • BORROW - borrow a cup if you forgot or left yours at home
  • SCAN - track your impact and use loyalty features
  • LOYALTY - get rewarded for using reusables through a digital card system and more (at participating venues)

To download the HuskeeSwap app on the Apple App Store click here 
To download the HuskeeSwap app on the Google Play store click here 
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