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Stopper Lid

How to use the Stopper Lid?

Is my Stopper Lid spill-proof?

Yes, the Stopper Lid is spill-proof once the plug is securely closed. To ensure that it is closed properly, gently push the plug into the Stopper Lid hole.

How do I assemble/disassemble my Stopper Lid?

Disassemble the Stopper Lid by gently pulling the plug away from the lid.To assemble the Stopper Lid, align the plug's nib with the lid and push it securely into place to prevent any spills.

Is the Stopper Lid eligible for HuskeeLoop?

Yes, all Huskee products are recyclable through the HuskeeLoop program. Once your Stopper Lid has reached its end-of-life please return it to us by emailing [email protected]

Is the Stopper Lid compatible with my HuskeeCup?

Yes, our Stopper Lid is compatible and fits securely on your 6oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz HuskeeCup.