1. HuskeeSwap User

What is HuskeeSwap?

HuskeeSwap is a cup exchange system designed to not only make using reusables more convenient for customers (and in turn used more) but offers cafes a scalable alternative to single use cups.
Here's how it works:

1. Buy a HuskeeCup

2. Drop it off when you order at your local HuskeeSwap Cafe

3. Enjoy your coffee in a freshly cleaned HuskeeCup!

The main advantages are;
Customer convenience
Individually owned reusables have to be cleaned before being returned and you're limited by the size you bought.
HuskeeSwap Solution
You can return you cups dirty (rinsed preferably) and have access to 3 interchangeable sizes.
Cafe workflow
Remembering which cup belongs to who, which lid belongs to which cup, varying lid assemblies and different cup sizes impacting coffee recipes all slow down cafe workflow efficiencies.
HuskeeSwap Solution
Streamlined inventory of HuskeeCups improves workflow resulting in drinks being made quicker.
Cross contamination
There's no way of telling inbound 'clean' reusable cups are free of harmful bacteria.
HuskeeSwap Solution
All inbound cups are put aside to be hygienically cleaned and sanitised in a commercial dishwasher before being added back to the cafe's stock.