1. HuskeeSwap

What is HuskeeSwap?

HuskeeSwap is Huskee's unique cup exchange system. It was designed with cafes in mind to make providing takeaway coffee in a reusable cup more appealing and convenient than single-use. The system enables venues and customers to easily transition away from plastic-lined paper disposable cups.
Huskee's unique Opt-In Swap model with low-tech requirements ensures that our exchange system is simple and accessible to as many people as possible - all while reducing as many barriers to change as possible.
The biggest advantages for venues using the HuskeeSwap system are:
  • Eliminating the costs of single-use (both to the bottom-line and the planet)
  • Adding a new revenue stream for a business
  • Integrating reuse to make service easier and attract and support conscious consumers
The biggest advantages for consumers using the HuskeeSwap system are:
  • Own an elegant cup with a sustainability story, and use as you like
  • Better than BYO - it is a 'cup with benefits'
  • Opt-in and use the features that you want...when you want (STORE, BORROW, LOYALTY, and more)
  • Swap for any size you want, no washing required, and always a fresh cup
Best of all - there are no ongoing costs to consider or manage for either businesses or customers!
It's FREE to join HuskeeSwap for all users once you have purchased a HuskeeCup and Lid.
Here's how it works:
  1. Buy: All you need is a HuskeeCup
  2. Drop: Hand in your HuskeeCup and order as usual
  3. Swap: Collect your coffee in a fresh HuskeeCup
At Huskee, we believe it is all about choice and the ability to participate in reuse when and how you want.
HuskeeSwap simply makes it an easy and elegant experience.
Together, we can transition to a waste-free world.