I can't find a location near me! How can I onboard a cafe?

Do you want to start Swapping and earning HuskeeSwap loyalty at your favourite local cafe? Awesome! We want to help you and grow the HuskeeSwap network so you have even more opportunities to choose-to-reuse!
Your cafes listen to you and are a valued customer. Make sure to tell them to check out the HuskeeSwap page and join. Just remember, running a cafe is really hard and they often don't have time to do things.
To give them a little extra helping hand, you can do a little bit of the hard work and recommend them.
To recommend a cafe that you think would be a good fit for HuskeeSwap, simply email us at partnership@huskee.co with the subject line "Suggested HuskeeSwap Cafe Location" and include your local cafe's address, name and contact details (if available). From there we can reach out to them to have them on board as part of HuskeeSwap.