How many cups do I need?

To get started as a HuskeeSwap site, you will need to carry a 'float' of HuskeeCups to swap with customer cups, as well as HuskeeCups available for your customers to buy. These are our recommendations.

Float stock: the exact float amount can be scaled to suit the needs of your cafe, however, we recommend getting started with a 4 pack of each size (plus lids). So 12 in total.

Retail Stock: In addition to the float purchase, you'll need stock available for retail sale. For a coffee drinker to enter the system, they need to either bring their existing HuskeeCup or buy one from you. We want to make sure all our HuskeeSwap locations have stock ready for sale to ensure any interested coffee drinker can join the system straight away! 

The minimum we recommend is a 4 pack of each size to mirror the float as it's an easy break-even point. Alongside unpacked 4 packs, single-unit packaged cups will help with retail presence and they make excellent gifts. 

There are no other associated costs or fees.