1. HuskeeSwap App

How do I use the app? [Customer]

First things first, you'll need to download the app from your app store and register if you want to BORROW or STORE. You can still use the app without registering but it will only function as a locations map.

On the main screen, you'll then have the following options;


Untitled design (33)Search Cafes - to find your nearest swap site

Store a Cup - to store a cup with a cafe

Withdraw a Cup - to withdraw a cup from where you stored a cup

Borrow a Cup / Return a Cup - an either/or option depending on whether you have already borrowed a cup or need to return one. If you need to return one you'll see a count down timer. 




To BORROW you will also need to add your bank details as a $21 deposit is held until you return the cup. You will have 5 days to return it before being charged.

Both features work by scanning a QR code unique to the cafe. When prompted, simply align the code with the app viewfinder and it will automatically detect it.