Every cafe's workflow is unique depending on equipment, bar layout, beverage sizes, staffing needs and coffee sales volume. 

Here are some helpful pointers to get you started;

  • Once your cups arrive, separate out your float stock and retail stock.
  • Wash you float stock a couple of times in your dishwasher and stack them where you put your single use cups. It’s important they are in arm's reach of the barista so as not to interrupt workflow. Cups on top of the espresso machine works well.
  • If you write orders on cups or lids you can write the order on a sticky note, stick on the HuskeeCup lid and pass to the barista.
  • Add “HuskeeSwap’ to your till so the barista knows to make the drink in a HuskeeCup from the float.
  • Make sure staff are not only familiar with the new workflow but know why you are making the changes - convenience, hygiene and 600 billion cups in landfill
  • COVID -19 UPDATE Dedicate a drop off area or tub for returned cups and lids. This will reduce person-to-person contact and mean when it's time to wash them, it's a dedicated sanitation task.

When you're all set up make sure you complete your registration by uploading your float to the HuskeeSwap Cafe Portal. We can then upload you to our locations tab on our website and feature you on our app.

Lastly, tag us on Instagram with @huskeecup and #nowswapping and we'll be sure to re post to our highlight reel.


Happy Swapping!