How do set up my business on the app?

Getting set up is easy, as there's no hardware needed to offer these features. All you need to do is;

  1. Log into the HuskeeSwap Cafe Portal 
  2. Download and print your unique cafe QR code:
    Select Account > View QR Code > Download

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    Once printed, make sure you keep it behind the till - otherwise customers could STORE and withdraw when they haven't actually left one with you
  3. Upload your bank details to receive funds from unreturned borrowed cups.
    The $21 deposit is to cover the RRP of the largest 12oz HuskeeCup as we don't track which size is borrowed. It's also to deter borrowing as a method of purchase, and incentive purchasing directly from you.
If the cup is not returned, of the $21 debited;
$15.75 (75%) will be paid to you 7 days after borrowing
$5.25 (25%) goes to Huskee for admin and card transaction fees