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Why is a $21 deposit taken when borrowing a HuskeeCup?Updated 8 months ago

We're excited to offer HuskeeCups to our customers, but we need to make sure the cups make it back safely and the cafe doesn't have to worry about it. Think of it like borrowing a library book. We ask for a $21 deposit when you borrow a HuskeeCup when clicking 'BORROW' on the HuskeeApp home page, in case you don't bring it back (just like a library book).
But don't worry, we've made it super easy to return the cup and get your deposit back. 
Once your BORROW feature is activated, you simply scan the venue QR code to borrow a cup. When you return the cup, you scan it back in and we'll refund your deposit. If you don't return the cup within 7 days, we'll charge your card for the deposit amount, and you can keep the HuskeeCup.
To remind you, when you open the HuskeeSwap app, you'll see a banner with a countdown timer displaying how much time you have to bring the cup back. When you are ready to return the HuskeeCup, simply click the 'Return a Cup' button on the banner.
It's that simple! Let's make a positive impact on the environment together.
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