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Why have we made the Impact Calculator?Updated 2 months ago

We developed the Huskee Impact Calculator for workplaces, cafes and individuals to understand both understand the costs and the significant impacts you can achieve by using HuskeeCups in measurable outcomes. We envision this will not only help you make decisions upfront, but also assist in reporting on your achievements and savings in the future!

With ongoing requests by the coffee industry and our customers who are passionate about sustainability, we knew there was a demand for a resource that could not only project but also quantify the impact of their eco-friendly choices. This calculator will demonstrate both the strong business and sustainability cases for eliminating single-use.

By using HuskeeCups and systems like HuskeeSwap; cafes, corporates and individuals can now see the difference they make in reducing waste and minimizing their carbon footprint. A version of this calculator is also included in the HuskeeSwap App. The Impact Calculator is our response to an engaged community's call for transparency and accountability in an ever-growing, sustainable world. Each of you makes a difference. 
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