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Why did we add HuskeeRenew to our product range?Updated 2 months ago

We are excited to add HuskeeRenew to the Huskee family for 3 main reasons:
  1. HuskeeRenew is made from Tritan™ Renew 50 and allows us to include a Certified 50% post-consumer recycled material into our products in this range. This allows us to further contribute to circular economy efforts, while adding another exciting product range and options for enabling the global community to eliminate the need for single-use disposable coffee cups.
  2. From a design perspective, HuskeeRenew features HuskeeCup's iconic fins while making the beverage visible with its glass-like appearance. With the extension of colourways, including Smoke and Amber, it offers a stylish departure from standard clear glass and can work well in a variety of settings.
  3. HuskeeRenew ensures that we continually improve, innovate, and expand our products and services to deliver the highest impact with the lowest possible footprint.

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