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What is HuskeeSwap?Updated 2 months ago

HuskeeSwap is our cup exchange system. Think of it as owning a cup...with benefits.

It It was designed to make providing takeaway coffee in a reusable cup more appealing and as convenient as disposable cups. By using a reusable cup, you are helping save the planet, and your favourite coffee shop money. Win, win. 

Our unique reuse model ensures that our exchange system is simple and accessible to as many people as possible - all while reducing as many barriers to change as possible. While there is the HuskeeSwap App to support you and give you many features and options, it is optional.
Some of the biggest reasons you may want to use the HuskeeSwap system are:
  • No need to wash your cup - save time, effort and let your cafe do it professionally
  • Swap for any size available
  • It's a great option for pre-ordering coffee - the cafe can make it in a HuskeeCup while you are on your way
  • Use the HuskeeSwap App for great features like STORE, BORROW, and LOYALTY
  • Track your impact for the planet and be part of a collective effort
Best of all - there are no ongoing costs. No rental schemes, no subscriptions or deposits to manage.
Here's how it works:
  1. Buy: All you need is a HuskeeCup
  2. Drop: Hand in your HuskeeCup and order as usual
  3. Swap: Collect your coffee in a fresh HuskeeCup
At Huskee, we believe it is all about choice and the ability to participate in reuse when and how you want. HuskeeSwap simply makes it an easy and elegant experience.
Together, we can transition to a waste-free world.

For more information on HuskeeSwap head to our Individuals page here

To download the HuskeeSwap app on the Apple App Store click here 
To download the HuskeeSwap app on the Google Play store click here 

photo credit: @eastrowspecialtycoffee 

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