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How does the borrow feature work?Updated 8 months ago

We're excited to offer HuskeeCups to our customers, but we need to make sure that they're returned in good condition. That's why we require a $21AUD deposit from each customer who borrows a cup. When you return the cup, we'll refund your deposit. If you don't return the cup within 7 days, we'll charge your account for the deposit and you can keep the cup. We hope you understand this policy. It's in place to help us keep our cups in good condition and to make sure that everyone has a chance to enjoy them.
Borrow Process Flow
  1. Select 'Borrow' and scan the cafe's QR code on their counter stand.
  2. Once scanned, Stripe will check if you have sufficient balance:
    1. If you have sufficient balance, Stripe will hold the specified amount from your account (taken from your account but not transferred to Huskee).
    2. If you don't have sufficient balance, the borrowing will not proceed.
  3. A banner with a timer will be shown on the home screen to display the remaining time to return the cup.
  4. For Returning a borrowed cup, just click the 'Return a Cup' button on the banner:
    1. If you have returned the borrowed cup within 7 days, the amount being reserved will be transferred back to your account and you will receive an email about the details.
    2. If you have not returned the borrowed cup within 7 days, the amount being held will be transferred to Huskee.

Note: The Borrow feature is limited to one borrow a week and is currently only available in Australia

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