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How do HuskeeCups come packaged?Updated 2 months ago

As 4-Packs, cups, lids and saucers are sold separately and available as stand-alone 4-Packs or as a Shipper of 48 (12 x 4-Packs).
4-packs are more economical and environmentally friendly because there is less packaging.
This means more cups in boxes > more boxes in containers > resulting in fewer containers at sea.
Perfect for; cafes unboxing cups, lids and saucers for sit-in and for HuskeeSwap i.e. when you don't need the packaging
Single Unit Packaged
Single Unit Packaged cups are cup & lid combos that are individually packaged.
They are available individually for retail or shippers of 24 at wholesale.
Perfect for; gifts or for helping your retail display stand out

We have recently updated our packaging. Want to know more about our ongoing journey of sustainability in embracing eco-friendly packaging? Click here

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