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How are my 'carbon eq. saved' calculated?Updated 8 months ago

At Huskee we love being transparent so here is a very short science lesson!
Creating products requires energy to make them; including both single-use and reusable cups. This is known as 'embodied carbon' or energy.
Embodied carbon refers to the greenhouse gas emissions arising from the manufacture, transportation, use, and disposal of a product. This calculation allows us to figure out that, if you didn't use a product for example, how much greenhouse emissions you would be saving.
So when you don't use a single-use cup or lid (and use a reusable cup instead), you are actually reducing a certain amount of greenhouse gas! With a few uses, your reusable cup is always going to be better for the planet and reduce
We base our calculations on a 12 oz single use disposable cup, and this is how we calculate your impact!
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